Uber started as a ride sharing service. It drives you from point A to point B.

Then it started dabbling in food delivery. In some cities, you can order from your favorite restaurant, and Uber will bring it to your door step.

Now it’s getting into the credit card business.

The big question - is the card worth it?

The rewards are pretty nice.
4 percent back on dining.
3 percent back on hotel and airfare.
2 percent back for online purchases.
1 percent back on all other purchases.

The card also doesn't have an annual fee and lets you redeem your points in Uber credits, cash back or gift cards.

There is a big con, the APR. The fine print at the bottom of Uber’s website states the annual percentage rate ranges from 15.99 percent to 24.74 percent.

According to the Federal Reserve, the average APR for most bank credit cards is 12 point 5 percent.