GREENSBORO, NC -- This month feels like it has lasted....forever.

In January's defense, there are 31 days in the month. Whew! But this is it, the last day. And it was supposed to be last day of the free Equifax credit freeze due to the data breach. But now, you have until June 30th. (But that doesn’t mean you should wait that long)

The credit freeze is the easiest way to protect your credit. It bars anyone from opening up credit in your name. You can still use your credit cards, but no one will be able to open up a card in your name.

The longer you wait to freeze your credit, the more time you're giving hackers to get your info. In North Carolina, you can freeze your credit for free with all three bureaus. But you have to do it online for it to be free:




THIS free credit freeze from Equifax can be done online, by phone and by mail:

Equifax Online

Equifax By Mail:

Equifax Security Freeze

P.O. Box 105788,

Atlanta, GA 30348.

Equifax By Phone: 800-685-1111

And again, you have until June 30th to cash in on this. Freezes are most effective when you put them in effect at all three credit bureaus.