GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Jury duty scammers are at it again - don't fall for them.

Greensboro Police say the telephone scam is once again making the rounds.

Here's how it works - the caller pretends to be a member of law enforcement, and then tells you to pay a fine for missing jury duty or go to jail!

Sometimes the scammer will try to get you to withdraw money from an ATM or buy untraceable prepaid debit cards.

Here's the thing - law enforcement will NEVER call you to ask for money over the phone to settle a warrant, missed jury duty, or missed court date.

Greensboro Police say just hang up. Don't give them any money or personal information.

To find out if you missed jury duty, call Trial Court Administrator Craig R. Turner at 336-412-7910.

To find out if you have a warrant, call 336-373-2433.