GREENSBORO, NC -- What you do on your laptop or on your tablet or on your phone is your business. But it's really, it’s all too easy for someone to find out just as if they were looking over your shoulder.

A computer researcher recently proved it and now everyone is worried about the KRACK computer bug. What is KRACK? It's short for Key Reinstallation Attack. The virus or bug finds a weakness in the computer code. What does that mean to you?

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“In layman's terms it's a vulnerability in wireless connections,” explains tech expert Kent Meeker. He says it's all wireless connections: phones, laptops, your home routers, business routers, the smart appliances you have.
So let's tackle what this means for you: what companies have to do, what you can do and what you shouldn't do.

Let's start with what companies have to do. They have to figure out patches for their systems. CNET asked businesses from Microsoft, Apple, internet providers like Spectrum and Comcast to security companies like ADT. Some companies say it will take weeks to develop a patch. The entire CNET article and their list is here!

Next: what you can do. Make sure your phone software is updated, same with your tablet or laptop. And your home router too. How do you do that?

Kent explains. “Look at the maker of your router on the front and go to their website and virtually all of them right now have something on the front page with instructions like, ‘you need to download this one particular file to be covered from this vulnerability’. “

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Finally: what you should not do. Kent advises not to use the free public WIFI--anywhere. Not at Starbucks, not at the airport. He says it's best to use your data until everyone figures out a patch.

Also Kent says you would know if the bug is on my device by,“you would start getting pop-ups and emails asking you to click on links to watch videos. They would be for entertainment. You would get messages with links. It would be enough you would know there is something that has changed.”

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