CLEVELAND, OH - I can't think of an easier or less expensive way to control a light or appliance from up to 100 feet away. In my continued quest to find great gadgets and save you money, this is another winner for your wallet.

Straight from CES and having just hit market 72 hours ago, the Finduat Wireless control system was a top performer in my tests and with its public product release, it's now at a crazy price: $9.99

You can now control several appliances, different light fixtures or even a coffee maker from the same remote. While I did collect many viewer requests for this type of product, here are the perks in addition to the price:

- Ideal for the elderly
- Great for pregnant women or those with limited mobility
- Control any 3 prong outlet from 100 feet away
- Great for lamps, Christmas lights, patio lighting
- Works instantly and had longer ranger than its competitors
- Control different areas of your home from the couch!
- Works out of the box, no set-up required

83% Off Finduat Wireless Smart Outlet System + Free Prime Shipping
Was: $59.99
Now: $9.99
**Requires one 12V battery not included. Batteries can be purchased here
**If system sells out, here is an alternate we also liked for a few dollars more.

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