You paid for a new A/C unit, but you don’t get to use it. That’s because someone stole your identity, opened credit cards in your name and went on a shopping spree.

A man told Consumer Alert someone used a stolen credit card to pay for the installation of two air condition units from his store. So, William Condit went undercover with Postal Inspectors to catch the guy.

“I made an estimate for a new air conditioning unit,” Condit said. “I told him the card he gave me was no good. He gave us another card, we ran that and it was no good.”

The suspect was immediately arrested. Consumer Alert reported that the suspect was part of an identity theft scam that racked up more than $2 million in charges to more than 90 people’s accounts.

Condit said you need to fight for yourself and get your money back.

“Don’t think your money is lost.” Condit said.