MEBANE, N.C. -- The BBB recently released the 5 most riskiest scams.

  1. Home improvement scams
  2. Fake checks and money order scams
  3. Employment scams
  4. Online purchase scams
  5. Advance fee loan scams

The BBB analyzed about 32,000 reports and looked at how likely someone would be exposed to the scammer, how likely someone is to fall for it and how much money is lost over all.

Larrisa Palmer avoided becoming a victim of the fake check scam.

"They literally had everything down to the T, which made me think it was even more legit," Palmer said. "So it wasn't like they didn't have this well laid out."

Palmer is an actress and found what she thought was a really great role on a website she uses pretty often. But it wasn't long before she noticed some red flags. The booker would only communicate over email and was willing to pay a booking fee up front. That offer came with strings attached.

"He sent me a text message and said he's sending me an overnight check for $7,000," Palmer said. "He wanted me to deposit that into my account and then take a picture of the deposit slip and send it to them."

Turns out the whole deal was a scam.

If someone asks you to wire back money, end the deal immediately. Never ever give personal information to someone you don't know. If someone wants your bank account number -- steer clear. You should also report scams to the BBB.