Montgomery County, NC -- Look at this intersection we pulled up on google maps.
It's in a rural area of Montgomery county. Not much to it. But if you make one adjustment, like taking out the stop sign, the intersection changes in a major way. A deadly way. And that is what happened this past weekend.

A Winston-Salem family blew through the intersection of Windblow and Belford Church. Why wouldn’t they? The stop sign was missing. A semi coming from the other direction had no idea the stop sign was missing either. The semi hit the car. The two children in their car seats in the back were killed. Their parents survived, but have major injuries.


And all of this happened because the stop sign was missing. The NC Highway Patrol Trooper says the sign was found in the woods. It was never reported missing.

While investigators are trying to figure out how the stop sign got into the woods, 2WTK is making sure you know how to report a missing sign.
The NC Department of Transportation is the agency who replaces signs. A spokesperson told us a missing sign is an emergency and you should call 911 to report it.