CBS -- Oh, no! The dreaded "More Storage Needed" message popped up on your screen. Now what?
Don't go delete crazy right away! Instead:

*Attempt to rent a movie on itunes. We tried it. The process first tells you that you don't have enough storage. But then it pushes out cookies and other space suckers for you.

NOTE: Make sure you rent a movie that has a data size that is larger than your available space. Otherwise, you'll actually rent the movie!

*Delete unused/unneccessary apps that eat storage. For the record, Snapchat lives here and eats a lot of storage!

*Don't keep the original HDR photos. Turn that option off.

*Delete your text messages. You may have the option of "Save Forever" activated on your phone!

*No need for your browser's cache, just delete it

*Say no to photo stream

*Say no automatic updates