Heidi Kneisl was shocked to learn a neighbor stole her mail and was able to withdraw money from her savings accounts.

"My neighbor lived across the street from me and over for a little bit of time – and so it was pretty convenient for him to you know, go into my mailbox, which didn't have a lock on it," said Kneisl.

U.S. postal inspectors found her mail along with 60 other victims in the home of Joseph Witchard.

For Heidi, it hits closer to home. She says Witchard must have watched her routine to know when he could take the mail.

"It was very violating… being alone in an apartment… finding out that somebody was actually going through my stuff, had my own personal things sent to his house and how easy it was for him to do so it was really disconcerting," saie Kneisl.

Based on information gathered in several mail pieces, Witchard was able to withdraw $10-thousand dollars from Heidi's savings accounts.

"Changed my address to his address. Closed out my IRA account and immediately took that money and bought things with it and it was gone very quickly," said Kneisl.

In addition – the IRS taxed Heidi for early withdrawal and added an additional fee of $3,500.

This was not Witchard's first offense, which is why the judge sentenced him to the maximum sentence of 27 years.

The judge said he is the definition of a career criminal and the only way to stop him from doing this is to give him the sentence that he did.