"I took a chance and they bit me."

Clementine Thacker is still hoping to get back some of the money she lost when she trusted the wrong people.
She admits when John and Dan Sullivan came to her house and said they could help renovate her house – she was interested.

They convinced her to take out a mortgage out against her house that had already been paid off for decades.
So she did and paid them up front. (BTW, 2WTK doesn't want to wait until the end of the story to make sure you know NEVER to pay for home repairs in full and up front!)

But when it came time to begin the renovations? "They came for a week or two, maybe a little bit longer, but then after a while they hadn't been there for a week and then I asked them what happened?"

She called the office and was told there was a death in the family. " I said, 'oh my God' I'm sorry to hear that, you know. They should be back in a week. That week turned into months."

They never returned. Clementine was not alone. In all - 35 people lost more than $700,000.

Looking at home repairs? Companies or workers should show you that they are licensed and bonded and there are ways to verify that. Inspectors suggest online searches and calling the Better Business Bureau is a good start.

For Clementine, the damage has been done. "I don't trust anybody. Don't sign nothin'. I don't care how honest they seem or appear to be or look don't sign anything."

2WTK has been known to track down contractors and get money or services for people. You can submit a consumer complaint to our Call For Action team. They\ will be asking for your estimate or contract.

The other thing you can do is take the contractor to small claims court. This is for cases under $10,000.
It costs you $96 to to have your case heard in small claims court.The NC Attorney General's office has a Guide To Small Claims.