GREENSBORO, N.C. - Out of every five product reviews you see on your computer, experts say at least one of them is fake. Typically, you can tell if a review is fake because it reads more like an ad for the product. And it's more likely to include pictures and video of the product. But the best way to spot fake reviews is to look through a whole bunch of reviews for patterns like the same words popping up repeatedly.

No body's got time for that, so check out They scan all the reviews to find those patterns of fake reviews for you!

Just take the product you're interested in like these Beats Headphones. And copy the link into Fakespot. It tells you that 42 percent of the reviews are considered low quality. And that there is "high deception" involved. But the best part is that it also shows you a price tracker, so you can see if the store just hiked up or lowed the price of an item.