New Year, New You, New Scams. But really, you know scammers aren't making any resolutions to be better people.

The website, says Publishers Clearing House is starting the new year with new contests and the scammers know that.

A woman told them she received a letter and check from people claiming to be with the company. The letter stated she won $2.5 million, they just hadn't announced the winner yet. The check she received was to cover taxes and fees, which was red flag number one.

She was supposed to cash it, but not tell anyone.

Not tell anyone? Yeah, that's another big red flag.

So, she and her daughter went to Publishers Clearing House's blog and looked at all the warning signs of a scam, this fit the description.

Publishers Clearing House will never call or email you in advance. They'll never tell you to be home at a certain time. They'll never send you a check to cover taxes.