GREENSBORO, NC -- New details following a Triad dealership’s bankruptcy filing, shows the effect on customers is worse than originally thought.

Auto Choices suddenly closed this month, leaving at least 60 people without the tags and titles they paid for, according to the DMV.
Now, other customers have come forward saying not only do they not have the DMV documents, they also have no cars and are now thousands of dollars in debt.

“[I] still have no car. Still in a $9,000 loan. Still missing $1,000 I will never get back whether I get this car or not,” Shelby Blackwell said, visibly upset.

Blackwell and Victoria Simpson, both 23 years old, don’t know each other but share each other's frustration.

“Now that they're bankrupt, everything has fallen on us,” Simpson said.

“I only had the car for two hours. I didn't make it home all the way yet. And, all these lights just started coming on,” Simpson explained. “We went up there and said we don't want the car no more.”

Auto Choices gave Simpson her $500 deposit back but and said it was starting the process to refund her loan to the bank.
The process was never completed.

“I still have a $14,000 loan that they want me to pay and I have no car,” she said.

In Blackwell’s case, her paperwork showed the wrong car and she was supposed to pick out the one she wanted the next day.
Before she could, Auto Choices had gone bankrupt

“There've been plenty of times I just wanted to break down and cry,” she said.

Blackwell tells 2 wants 2 Know’s Faith Abubey her bank has agreed to hold her loan payment. The hope is, she'll get the car once the bankruptcy case is over.

As for Victoria, her bank got the car back at auction and wants her to pick it up.
But remember, she didn't want it anymore because it had mechanical issues

At this point, the first-time car buyers say they just want out of the mess.

“It' just, how can you do this to people?

If you've been affected by the auto choices bankruptcy, the DMV wants to hear from you
You can call the DMV’s local license & theft office to file a complaint: 336-256-2024.

Hit "0" for an operator.


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