GREENSBORO, NC – “Passengers, we have overbooked the flight and are looking for volunteers.”

Is that music to your ears? It should be. “Free-quent flyer” Scott Ford says that overhead announcement should make you see dollar signs.

“This is really a magical moment to get a free ticket to use after Thanksgiving for Christmas or New Years. Just volunteer to give up your seat. Have flexibility. I have found the nicer you are the more money you get.”
When Scott says you should have flexibility, he doesn't mean you have to take a flight two days later. In fact, most times you can get to your destination within a few hours your scheduled time.

His bottom line: it's worth asking what the airline can do, time wise and moneywise. And when it comes to the rest of the trip...
“Whether it's flights, hotels, rental cars, I find if you ask for it, they will give it to you. When you get to the hotel, ask if you can get free breakfast, free movies, have the parking fee taken off. They just hit a button.”