GREENSBORO, NC -- He looked like your regular, average everyday Joe. But this Joe, Joe Overman, was banned from doing any kind of contracting work in our state by the NC Attorney General's office.

The case against Joe Overman was filled with folks 2 Wants To Know talked too. They told us their stories, we tracked down Joe Overman to get him to make good on his work, and those folks made formal complaints with the Department of Justice.

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Most of the issues stemmed from the people hiring Overman to do work in their house, giving him money and then him never coming back to do the job.

The state confirms Overman died in the last few months, leaving no doubt that the people he was doing business with, would never get what they paid for. But that's not the end of the story. Enter in John Vernon with Piedmont Property Solutions. He and his crew just made one of Joe Overman's wrongs, a right.

“We are putting a roof on this gentleman's house. He was a victim of the Joe Overman series a while back, “ explains Vernon.

Vernon and his crew are braving the freezing cold temperatures to make this right. “There's no point in paying twice. We've been blessed and we wanted to give back.”

The original roof was $8,500, all paid by this man, Michael Watkins.

“It's leaked and leaked and leaked. It's been going on a year and a half.”

Michael saw on 2WTK that john had helped fix the house of another Joe Overman victim and he found Piedmont Property Solutions on Facebook.

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“John was very kind and offered to help. I had no other way to pay for it. The roof work before was shabby and it was below par, I almost cried.”

What was a year and a half ordeal was fixed in a couple of days, for free.

“I have returned to believed good people are out there and John is definitely one of those people.”

And while Michael is the one with the free roof, it's John who posted on Facebook, what a huge blessing it was for him to help someone else.”


Get at least THREE bids. If a quote seems rather low compared to the others, that's a red flag, not a huge savings.

Some contractors might also offer you a free estimate to sway you away from checking references.

  • Don't fall for that. Check them out.
  • Ask friends and neighbors who've hired the person before.
  • Look at the company's Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Or, at the very least, Google the contractor's name.
  • Never pay more than 10% down or $1,000 - whichever is less.
  • Never pay in cash - it can't be traced if something were to go wrong.
  • Don't make a final payment until you're satisfied with the job.

And this is a big deal, before the work even begins, create a written contract. Make sure the contractor includes the price, the dates the job will start and end.