Don't miss this, it’s surveillance video from a Publix grocery store. There's a woman in a white shirt and two men in black shirts. Now watch the video closely. The man on the right distracts the woman by asking her a question while the man on the left steals the woman's wallet out of her purse. It takes less than 10 seconds.

About halfway through shopping, the woman realized her wallet was gone. Yes, there is a safety takeaway here for all of us, but I don't want you to miss what happened next. The Boynton Beach Police police officer bought the woman a gift card to replace the food stamps stolen from her.

The woman starts to cry and hugs the officer, who was wearing a body camera. All you see is video the woman coming close to give a hug and then camera goes dark. The hug catches the officer off guard. It is a sweet act of kindness from one to another.

No surprise, the post has gone viral since it was posted it in mid-June. And while there's all the feels with that, don't miss how it all got started.

The woman did what many of us do, she put her purse in the shopping cart. You might think it's safe because it's right in front of you. But the video shows otherwise.