GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's not rocket science to use a fire extinguisher, but like everything, there is a trick to it.

Greensboro Fire Education Specialist Naomie Dixon walked our 2 Wants To Know team through how to use one first hand.

Remember PASS:
P- Pin (pull the pin )
A- Aim low at the base of the fire
S- Squeeze the handle
S- Sweep - as in spray and sweep from side to side at the base of the fire

When do you stay to fight the fire? Dixon said if it is any larger than a small cooking fire, (see video) you want to get out. So, if it spreads to the counter or another pan, get out! If you are not familiar with the extinguisher, she said to just get outside.

You also want to make sure the fire extinguisher is still good.

  • Check the gage and make sure it's on green.
  • Look at the bottom for the manufacture date. You have five years from the manufacture year to use it.