MIAMI, FL. -- Consumer Alerts said scammers are targeting Timeshare owners.

Joseph Hammet Junior received a letter in the mail from Timeshare title services. The company offered to buy his property. Since he owned two he decided to sell one of the timeshares. Hammet mailed the company a check for $1,000 to get the process started. But then they asked for another check so he decided to hand deliver it.

"We went to the address that we were given and here it is it was a bunch of warehouse buildings and the address that we were presented with there was a big lease sign on it - it was vacant," Hammet.

It was a scam. The thieves got away with half a million dollar from 100 victims. Postal Inspector, Scott Horne said the scammers try to pressure you into handing over the money.

"Whenever they try to hook you into making a decision on the spot and immediately, you need to take a step back," Horne said.

Two peopl were arrested and charged with fraud in this case. They were sentenced to nine years in prison.