MIAMI (CBSMiami) – One Uber driver was on the ride of her life to get her money back.

“I had just passed the main post office when the call came through,” said one Uber driver who didn’t want to reveal her name. “It was just over 100 dollars.”

Earlier in the month, she said she received several calls from someone who claimed to be with Uber. 

“They started asking all sorts of direct pointed questions to find out information about my Uber account,” she said.

It turns out the caller was a scam artist who wanted her Uber login credentials.

“They said if you don’t we are going to deactivate your account right now,” she said. “And I’m thinking, ‘oh come on, I just made a bundle of money and haven’t cashed out’.”

After she gave them the information they requested, her earnings for that day were taken from her account. Uber investigated and learned that she was the victim of a third-party phishing scam. 

“Never trust anybody that calls you looking for information,” said Adam Levin, chairman of Cyber Scout.

Levin said it’s a common scam in those behind it will use the phone, or email, and pose as everything from an employer to a government official to get you to turn over your personal information.

“Always confirm who they are. Get their number and call them back. Like when you get a call from your bank, the minute they ask you for any further authentication, say I’m going to call you right back. Flip over your credit or debit card and get the number for customer service,” said Levin.

In the end, Her stolen wages were reimbursed by Uber but, they’re warning others not to fall for the same scam.