MEBANE, N.C. – Linda Green was sitting at home watching TV when she got a phone call from someone claiming to be from her cable company.

“When I picked up the phone, they said they were calling from DISH and they wanted me to turn on my receiver so I wouldn't lose my channels,” said Linda Green.

‘DISH Network’ showed up on Green's phone so she answered.

“It was very weird. For one, it was funny because our receiver was already on. So it was strange that they would not know that,” said Green.

She added, “That was a red flag already.”

Green says started asking the caller questions he should have known the answers to, but instead of giving her the information, she says he got aggressive.

“He was like, ‘Ma'am, you obviously want to lose your channels,’ and I said, ‘Obviously, you don't know who you are calling.’”

The man couldn't tell Green what her address or even what her name was. He soon hung up on her.
Green called the police and her husband called DISH Network to report the call.
DISH Network confirmed the call Green got was fraudulent.

In a statement to 2 Wants to Know, a DISH spokeswoman said, “We take allegations of third-party fraud involving the DISH brand very seriously. Scammers claim to be a pay-TV provider representative and offer a promotion or service in exchange for an upfront payment. This type of fraud typically relies on the scammer gathering information directly from the customer under false pretenses, that the scammer then uses to impersonate the customer.

Green knew what to do so her money and personal information are safe.

If you ever get a suspicious call from someone claiming to be a service provider, hang up and call your provider directly to verify it was actually someone from the company calling you.