GREENSBORO, N.C. - These days you can't go more than three or four posts in your news feed without seeing someone talking about politics. People are fired up right now. And schemers are using your passion to cheat you out of money.

Here's what it boils down to: Anytime the phone rings and someone wants to talk politics with you, you need to be cautious. Same goes when you get an unsolicited e-mail from someone about D.C. That's because according to the consumer blog Bamboozled, there are three main types of political schemes gaining popularity.

The most common scheme involves calling you asking for a political donation. Sometimes they are representing a fake political group. They just keep the money for themselves and get your credit card information. If you really want to donate to a cause when someone calls you, google the group's name and do it through their official website.

Second is a fake political survey. They call and ask your opinions about different things going on DC. And then slip in a few personal questions. Or if the survey comes by e-mail it can be linked to websites which will put bad software on your computer.

And third is voter registration schemes. They'll pose as county or state officials who wanted to double check your voter registration status. They ask you for personal information to verify your identity. Things like your social security number, birth day, home address. Yap, everything they need to steal your identity.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2