GIBSONVILLE, NC – A second complaint has been filed against a Gibsonville gas station for selling contaminated gas leading to thousands of dollars in car damage.

We first reported the problems with contaminated gas at the Shell station on Highway 87 last week.

The state tested and proved it had too much water in it -- causing thousands of dollars in damage to cars who filled up there.

After our story aired, another complaint was filed to the state by James Lockemy.

He says his car was damaged after he bought contaminated gas at the station last month.
"The pistons are no good. They are shot,” said Lockemy. "The rings are shot. The bearings are shot. The engine itself is actually taking on water."

In total, Lockemy says he’s facing over $3,000 in damages.

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"You can't replace one thing without replacing the other thing so it's just like a chain of an events for the engine to even run."

The NC Department of Agriculture shut down the pumps at the station but cannot force the business owner to pay for the damages to Lockemy's car.

"I've been a loyal patron of that store for so many years,” said Lockemy. “I just really feel let down."

Lockemy says he's tried to reach out to the gas station owner to ask about restitution for his car payments but hasn't heard back.

"The number that I call, I can't get a live person to answer and I can't get any voicemail," said Lockemy. "I repeatedly call this number daily, numerous times daily, and I can't get in touch with anyone."

Kenneth Guman, who also bought the contaminated gas, says he’s experiencing the same communication problems.

Guman says the owner of the station initially agreed to reimburse him but he hasn’t heard back in one week.

“Now it's gone completely radio silence,” said Guman. “Both email, text messages, phone calls, I'm not getting any responses.”

Guman has been hitching a ride to work with his mom.

His car is stuck in the driveway after he bought the contaminated gas last month.

“It makes it difficult when you're trying to live your own life but you've added on a whole another phase to it,” said Guman.

Lockemy says if he doesn’t hear back from the gas station owner, he’ll be forced to take legal action.

"You never know what's going to happen,” said Lockemy. “I just wish it hadn't happened to me and my family."

The gas station brought in a technician to fix the problem but the state still found contamination in the gas line during an inspection last Friday.

The station is not allowed to sell the premium unleaded blend until it passes inspection from the state.

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