GREENSBORO, NC -- Irma's winds and rains should be here overnight. North Carolina is under a state of emergency. Great, you know this already. Do you also know you can't use that excuse not to come into work?

Snow storm or a tropical storm, government agencies and schools close might close, and when they do, can your private employer fire you for not showing up to work?

To verify this, we went straight to the source, the North Carolina Department of Labor. The website clearly spells outs the Adverse Weather Policies. Right down at the bottom of the FAQ page it addresses if your employer has the right to make you come to work during adverse weather conditions. The answer, in short, is yes.

The policy states, “The decision to stay open or close...for employees to remain at work, leave early or report to work during adverse weather conditions is entirely up to each individual employer.”

And because we're an employment at will state, “An employer can hire or discharge employees for any or no reason at all.”

So this is verified, your employer can fire you for not coming to work, even under a state of emergency.