Should you or shouldn’t you buy an upgraded iPhone? I mean, now that the 8, 8plus and the 10 are out, is it time to upgrade?

Depending on which phone you want, they range from $700 to $1,000. The price tag may keep you away at first, but here’s what Lifehacker suggests:

If you have a 6s or older, you might consider an upgrade. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus offer improvements like wireless charging, a better camera and faster processor.

If you have a 7, it's probably not worth your money. Lifehacker says the only major difference is the wireless charging.

When it comes to the iPhone 10, Lifehacker says it's the biggest change to an Apple product since it launched ten years ago. The biggest difference is the screen. It covers nearly the entire face of the phone and uses Facial recognition to unlock the screen.

But there's bound to be some bugs that come along with the new phone, so it might be worth holding off for a while.