New York, NY – Walk into any mall or open your email and you’ll see a bunch of sales. Week after week. When one sale ends, another begins.

A 2015 study from found several well known stores offer discounts almost non-stop.

So are you really saving money? E-Commerce expert Derek Halpern told CBS News, not necessarily.

“When I look at a price and I see I'm getting something 50% off, and I compare that price to an online retailer, it's the same price." Halpern said.

Halpern said upscale retailers like Louis Vuitton and Apple never go on sale because their branding strategy is to not discount their products. However, the majority have gone down the slippery sale slope. At this point, they can’t stop.

"People get addicted to these sale prices and eventually customers won't buy unless there's a sale." Halpern said.

So if you miss a sale, you won’t have to wait long for the next one.