It will soon be summertime, which means we will be buying all things summer.

Sunscreen chips, gardening supplies, and fresh fruits to take with us on the go. But are you getting your money's worth?

NBC Charlotte did the legwork, the measuring, the counting, and the weighing to see if we’re really getting what we pay for this summer!

First up? A bag of Kingsford charcoal. The bag says 7.7 pounds, but they lit our fire to the tune of eight-and-a-half pounds, over a half-pound in our favor.

More good news: the grass seed, the plant food, and the bird seed all gave us slightly more, too.

Wanting to buy some chips for the beach or a nice sunny day on the deck? Tostitos Cantina, Scoops, and bite-size chips did not disappoint. All three bags delivered a few ounces more than advertised.

And our box of chips? All 32 bags were present and accounted for. What goes great with chips? An ice-cold drink. Our mix was right on the dot, as you get one liter of Pina Colada mix exactly. Even better, a bottle of rum gave us almost a whole ounce more.

Keeping our chill beachy theme, the margarita mix was right on the dot, too, and likewise, good old Jose Cuervo lived up to his promise. And our 10-pound bag of ice for $2.50 wasn’t watered down, it was actually 10.6 pounds, again, in our favor.

The sunscreen we tested was very hard to measure. In fact, really hard to measure. NBC Charlotte's best guess between what came out and what might still be in the bottle is, well, close enough. The sunburn healing aloe, also very close.

The hot dogs advertised 32 ounces and came in at 36, again, more. Our grab and go pre-sliced fruit is popular and convenient, and we’re happy to report that all three packages gave us several ounces more.

In fact, the only item that shorted was a huge bottle of bubbles. The 100-ounce bottle was actually only 96, and with that, we wrap up another productive — and expensive — day at work.

Have a happy and safe summer.