Halloween is for fun costumes, candy and is usually celebrated in the dark of night. SO, the chances of you getting really great pictures could be the same as you not easy ANY candy. Right.

There are tricks to getting a good picture in low light. According to CNET, The first thing you should know is you need to hold your breath. Really. Not the people in the pictures, but the picture taker!

You see, the lens needs to stay open longer to let more light in and any movement makes your shot blurry. Tap to focus on your subject and hold your breath.

Here's another Halloween hint...Don't be scared to use your timer. This frees up both hands, so less movement when the phone snaps the pic.
Halloween is full of monsters and lots of red-eye, especially if you use a flash. Instead, try brightening up your shot after with your phone tools or an app like Instagram.