Some people prefer using an earpiece to talk on their smartphone, instead of holding up the device to their ear. Now one company is offering a new way to answer calls – with your finger.

The sgnl band can attach to a smartwatch or a classic watch. Blue tooth connects it to your phone and when someone calls, the sound travels from your wrist to your finger. A microphone in the band picks up your voice.

Han Nryu helped develop the device in South Korea. He said, "It translates the sound into a vibration so that it can pass through your hand and then through your finger all the way up to your ear. So then it meets your ear and it becomes a sound again."

The technology is still being perfected. Right now the sound is a little muffled especially in noisy places.

Several tech companies have come up with ear devices making it easier to talk, like apple's new wireless air pods. The Sony Experia earpiece can actually be controlled by pushing a button or even nodding your head.

Dan Ackerman, section editor cnet said, "You're going to see increasing ways to interact with the phone through smartwatches, through other devices that let you leave the phone in your pocket."

The sgnl device is not for sale yet. It's expected to be available next year with a price tag around #150.

The company behind the sgnl device has raised over a million dollars in funding on kickstarter.

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