All week long we are comparing and taste testing to see if your taste buds can tell the difference between the most expensive and the least expensive.

What are we putting to the test this Tuesday? Cereal.

We compared three different cereal's name brands with a cheaper brand.

1. Kellogg's

Name-brand price: $4.15/box

Off-brand brand: $1.49/box

The $2.66 cent price difference between the two brands was significant. But could people tell the difference?

"Ever so slightly, I'm going to say real and generic... No, that one has more sugar," one sampler guessed. To their surprise, they were wrong.

The majority of people sampling liked the off brand and cheaper Frosted Flakes better.

2. Honey Nut Cheerios

The savings between the popular cereal and its off-brand was actually the exact same as Kellogg's, $2.66.

"I can't tell the difference, they look different, but they taste the same," a sampler said.

In all, the majority of people we put to the test preferred the off-brand better.

3. Fruit Loops

Finally, we put Fruit Loops vs. Fruit Rounds to the taste bud test.

Fruit Loops: $3.33/box

Fruit Rounds: $1.39/box

Fruit Loops brought in the third and final samplers voting for the off-brand. At the end of the tasting, everyone picked the off brands saying no difference or they liked it better.

Cost savings on all three boxes of cereal combined? $7.36.