OMG! How times have changed. We went from writing letters to communicate to people, to calling them on the phone, to just sending a text message.

And the good ol' text message turned 25 Sunday, A British Engineer sent the first one.

He texted his friend, Merry Christmas, but he didn't get a reply because it wasn't possible yet!

He told Sky News he didn't event the idea, he just happened to be the first one to send a message.

Most of us text more than we talk on the phone.

The Week put together a timeline of how texting evolved over the years.

Here were some of our favorites:

1993 - Nokia debuts first mobile phone that can send texts.

1995 - T9 was debuted. Predicts texting based on what letters you were typing.

2000 - Text messaging takes off. Americans can send 35 a month.

2007 - For the first time, more texts were sent per month than phone calls.