GREENSBORO, N.C. – Showers swept through the Triad Thursday, and all that rain is just one ingredient that can lead to a mold and mildew mess inside your house. It's a cleaning nightmare that could set you back, a whole lot of money.

Here's the formula that leads to mold, straight from the experts who deal with this everyday: temperatures above 60 degrees, moisture and humidity, and a place for mold to grow like sheet rock, carpet or wood.

Arthur Dick, with AdvantaClean of the Piedmont, says his whole business centers around air quality, mainly dealing with various forms of mold problems. He says mold comes in every color of the rainbow, and is naturally occurring outside. It can appear anywhere water is present.

“It'll happen in places that you're not really seeing,” he said, “So if you have a leak, and it comes out on your floor, and you clean that up - well that's fine but you have an address to the hidden areas where there is the real problem.”

Dick says if you know there's a problem then get it fixed as soon as possible. Waiting can cost you thousands of dollars with replacing sheet rock and insulation. You'll also pay more to get it thoroughly cleaned to make sure the problem doesn't resurface.

Dick also warns against using Clorox to clean mold.

“Clorox will not clean [mold],” Dick said, “Because actually, all you're doing is feeding the mold, with Clorox it's mostly water and the chemical in Clorox will not kill it. We get a lot of calls [about this.].”

He says mold affects people differently in the same way allergies do. But getting mold is not always about negligence - in this kind of weather, it can happen. The best way to avoid mold? Keep it clean!