USA TODAY -- You have great money habits. Now get rid of them! For instance, you can stop balancing your checkbook. With online banking it's easy to monitor your account and to stay on top of suspicious activity.

Keeping a hardcopy of your paperwork is unnecessary. Opt for electronic statements and back up your computer so you still have the info you need.

Stop visiting your bank. Most tasks can be completed through the bank's website or mobile app.

And don't pay for a credit report. Really, you can get them for free. There are several commercial sites where you can get your report for free. The government has a free site as well: AnnualCreditReport.

You can get a free credit report from each one of the three bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. To get the best coverage, space them out and get one every 4 months. For example: TODAY-Experian, 4 months from now-Equifax, 8 months from now-Trans Union.