It hasn't happened just yet, but the world Meteorological Organization is expected to retire the Harvey storm name. Since 1954, the WMO retires storm names if they are so deadly or costly that it would be insensitive to use the name again for future storms.

2WTK did some digging to see how storms go about getting name. The National Hurricane Center has six lists of Atlantic hurricane names and those get rotated out every six years.

So this year's list will be used again in 2023. There are 21 names on each list, and the names alternate between male and female.

There are no Q, U, X, Y or Z names. If more than 21 storms form in one season, like in 2005, the Greek alphabet is used to name the additional storms during the year.

Storms starting with the letter "i" are the most commonly retired names. More than 10% of all retired storms start with "i." Here’s another interesting tidbit, 2005 holds the record for most storm names retired in a season with five.