You've seen stories about credit card skimmers at places you go like gas pumps and ATMs. But there's another equally dangerous device that may be hovering around you instead.

“Any type of crowded place you go to, a mall, a tailgate, if we’re standing in line to go to a football game or anything like that. People are very close to each other. I could easily pick up 50 to 100 cards within a couple of minutes,” said Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Crime Prevention Officer Johnathan Frisk.

Criminals using card scanners hooked up to wi-fi can hold these devices near your pockets or purse, and in seconds they can get your card number and everything they need to steal your money.

“Now at that point I have that person’s information. It’s just that quick,” Frisk explained.


In Gastonia, police are looking for a man suspected of cloning a debit card then using the stolen money to rack up charges at a convenience store.

So how do protect yourself?

The best thing you can do is buy a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wallet or card holder. Plus, the skimmer doesn’t work on cards with chips.

Police also warn the devices can clone key fobs you use to get into work and even a hotel room.

CMPD does give these protected sleeves out for free. You can visit the department or email officer Johnathan Frisk.

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