What's the difference between watching March Madness at your house or in the stadium? A whole lot of money.

According to USA Today, round one tickets in Greenville are going for no less than $500 per ticket. That is half the price if you're watching the games in Milwaukee. In Orlando, the highest nosebleed tickets are going for just $100.

The biggest price tag of March Madness is the winning bracket.

Warren Buffett put up a million dollars to his employees if they guessed a perfect opening round bracket.

USA Today had DePaul University Math Professor Jeff Bergen run the numbers. The odds of guessing all 67 games correctly is one in 128B. The odds of guessing all 32 round one games correctly is one in 4.2B.

He said if you guessed all the higher seeds winning their first round games, you have 1 in 17,000 chance.

But what's the fun in that?