Cyber Monday broke records. People spent more than $6 Billion!

If you cashed in on some great deals, there's a chance you could save even more on the stuff you already bought.

Tech expert Jennifer Jolly with USA Today found two apps that can get your some of your money back.

Paribus connects to your email, and Paribus scans your online shopping receipts for price drops, files a digital claim, and instantly deposits the refund back to your credit card. It's free and requires zero effort.

Earny works the same way, except instead of watching your email, it keeps an eye on your credit card statement — and takes a percentage of the money it gets back for you.

2 Wants to Know looked at the reviews for both apps in the Apple app store.

Earny has 4.3 stars. Paribus has 2.7 stars. It’s important to note that only 21 people rated Paribus compared to the almost 900 who rated Earny.

Earny had many good reviews.One person who claims they use a lot of sites and apps to save money says Earny is awesome.

However, another user wrote, stores wouldn't price match the item because the request is coming through a third-party site.

When it comes to Paribus, there were mixed reviews.

One user wrote that they've had the app for 5 months, and didn't understand how to connect their credit card.

The company responded saying there's no need to do that. They go through confirmation emails and the retailers will give you the price adjustment. 2 Wants to Know sees that as a perk since you don't have to share your personal information with the app.

A few others claimed they weren't getting money back. But several users responded saying its effortless and they got money back. One user said they got 40 dollars back.