GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We never want our loved ones to be the victims of a scam.

The 'Friends Against Fraud' program is designed to teach elderly adults all about the most common scams. Hannah Vaughan, attorney at the Corporation of Guardianship, joined us on 2WTK to make sure you know there are resources if your loved one is a fraud victim, or to help you keep your loved one from being a victim.

The Guilford County Family Justice Center, Guilford County Sheriff's Office, and Greensboro Police Department sponsor free "Friends Against Fraud" events through the year. In between you can call them:

Guilford Family Justice Center 336-641-7233

GC Adult Protective Services 800-378-5315

One of the biggest take-a-ways is how to choose a caregiver. Just because they may come recommended from a company, doesn't mean the company does background checks. Every caregiver should be checked.

Also, invest in a shredder, really! Most of the identity theft happens the old school way, through the trash.

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Friends Against Fraud recently received national recognition from the Family Justice Center Alliance, a non-profit organization that reviews practices of Family Justice Centers across the globe to ensure that services meet the high standards of best practices.

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