GREENSBORO, NC -- This is a text a 2 Wants To Know viewer got just this week. It starts with the words PNC Bank. It then goes on to read.. “unusual activity detected.”

Your first response might be to want to fix it right away and click the link. And that's exactly what the schemer who sent you this text wants.

The text is a fake. A PNC representative confirmed that to 2WTK.
This isn't the first time they've heard of it, there is an alert is on their website along with details on how the scam works.
Basically, the scammers get you to put in your login info and password.

This PNC fake text isn't the first fake text of its kind. A few months ago 2WTK showed you a fake log in text that appeared to be from Wells Fargo. The schemers did a really good job of making it look real and they will continue to tweak their methods.

The bottom line for ALL of us is this:

Banks DON’T text you or email you and ask you to provide all your login information, verify your identity or active your online account. They don't.

But if you're still worried it could be real, look up the customer care number yourself...and call it. Don’t click on links or call any number provided in a text or email.