GREENSBORO, N.C. - iPhone junkies, there's a major update available for your phone's software: The new iOS 11.
Apple says it brings hundreds of new features like a more intelligent Siri, camera improvements, augmented reality. Sounds great. But before you hit that download and install button there are three reasons you might want to wait.

First, waiting to update could save you time. With everyone rushing to get the latest and greatest, the servers get bogged down. We tested it out for you. What was supposed to be a 12 minute download still hadn’t finished after an hour. The download should go quicker when less people are doing it in a few days.

Second, you waiting can help you avoid glitches. The last major update iOS 10 left some people's phones frozen. And the company had to fix the problem with 10.1.

Finally, you need time to back up your phone first. In case there's any problems during the update, you'll want to have all your data saved to a computer or the cloud. And then you can get the new bells and whistles.