CBS-- It's the game of "would you rather".

Would you rather have a take out box, filled with your favorite food, at full price. Or would you rather have this take out box, filled with your favorite food, at less than half the price?

It sounds like a trick question, doesn't it? There certainly is a catch. The cheaper box is only available at closing time. And how do you know you can cash in on the food about to be thrown out? You got it, there's an app for that.

The "Too good to go" app is in four countries and is expected to be in the US in the next few months. The point is to cut down on the amount of food thrown away. At the end of the day, restaurants post leftover meals online at a deep discount.

"It's about saving the planet, its about helping fellow man," says one of the participating restaurant owners. "It's about just you know being a better citizen."

What's really cool with this app, customers can also donate an extra dollar toward feeding those less fortunate.