GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Wouldn't it be nice if you lingered in a store long enough someone would just hand you a coupon for something in your shopping cart?

That's kind of what happens with online shopping. If you leave your stuff in your virtual cart, a coupon might appear in your email.

The next time you find something you want to buy online, add it your cart and then close your browser. Stores don't like losing your business, so sometimes, if they see you walk away mid-purchase, they'll send you a coupon in an email. found at least 17 popular online retailers will send you those extra deals this way.
We're talking an extra 15 percent off Macy's and Kate Spade, 20 percent off Crocs, and even 25 percent off Levi's.

There is a catch. You must be logged into the store's website as a registered customer when you close out of the browser. It's probably going to take a day or two until you get that coupon in your email.