GREENSBORO, NC -- I just got this post card in the mail, it's about how you and your neighbors drive. It reads,”I saw your feature hazard lights on while raining. I just want people to use their signal lights when turning.”

Me too. I want people to use their signal when turning or changing lanes too. Funny thing about that, when you have your hazard lights on, like a lot of folks did when we got the snow Wednesday night, your blinker or your turn signal, is not able to be seen by other drivers. Which is why your hazards are sometimes more of a hindrance than a help.

For example, when it rains and you use your hazards the lights reflect on the water on the road and make it more difficult for the drivers behind you. Some states have outlawed hazards in the rain.

In North Carolina there are no laws where you have to or can't have your hazards on. A trooper I talked with told me it's a good idea to use your hazards when you are broken down on the roadside because it lets them know there is someone in the car.

Also, it's a good idea to have them on when you're driving much slower than the rest of traffic, but again, not in the rain.