GREENSBORO, NC -- When it comes to holidays, which one is known for the most fire calls:

Christmas, with the combusting Christmas trees?
Thanksgiving, with the turkey fryers?
July 4th, with DIY fireworks?

Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services knows the answer.
“It's Fourth of July. Almost 20,000 fires annually are blamed on fireworks. Hospitals see about 10,500 fireworks-related injuries per year, and nearly one in four fireworks-related fires occur on the Fourth of July.”

So now the question is, “if your home catches on fire, if you get injured, will your homeowners insurance cover it?”

Scenario #1

You're shooting off legal fireworks and you get hurt or one of your guests gets hurt. Does your homeowner's cover the medical costs?

“That’s your liability protection. We can make sure that your policy covers medical treatment for injuries sustained by someone on your property as a result of fireworks. But as for you, you can't file liability against your policy so it goes on your health insurance.”

Scenario #2

You're lighting off sparklers and an ember catches the bushes by the house on fire which then ignites your siding.

“We can write a comprehensive home owner's policy that would cover, for example, that accidental leaf or bushes fire. But what you need to make sure you have is guaranteed replacement costs."


“If you're shooting off illegal fireworks and set fire to your house, you may not be covered. Most policies exclude damage resulting from illegal acts.”