Nurses are putting on their gloves, ready to give out this season's flu shots.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the shot is made up of inactive strands of the flu virus itself.

Some people believe the shot can actually give them the flu, while others see it as a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Conspiracies aside, can the shot get you sick?

Judy McChargue, Immunizations Coordinator for the North Central Health District, says absolutely not.

"You will not get the flu sickness from the vaccine. The vaccine is made from strands of the virus, that have been altered in a way that they will not make you sick, but they do make your body recognize the real thing and fight it off."

But what about those who get sick after the shot? Pediatrician Christy Peterson says that's not a vaccine issue but a vicinity issue.

"When you go to get the flu shot, it takes two weeks for your body to provide you with defense for the flu, and you're definitely still at risk the moment you get the shot."

This is because people in the waiting room may have the virus. Peterson says now is the best time to get vaccinated before the peak of season hits, when more people are likely to be in the waiting room with the flu.

To get your shot, head to your local health department. The fee for the shot is $25, but is also covered under some insurance.