GREENSBORO, NC -- Rumor has it, some voting machines in our state and right here in the Triad are selecting the wrong candidate when voters are in the booth.

We're getting calls, emails and so is the State Board of Elections. The NCSBE tweeted out a reminder for people to review their ballot and to tell election officials if you have problems. The tweet included a letter confirming voters have contacted elections officials with concerns about the touch screens.
It gives details about how the machines are calibrated every morning before voting starts and that a machine may be taken out of service - if needed.

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2WTK talked to the NCSBE spokesman Patrick Gannon and he confirmed they've received a handful of complaint reports from as many as five counties in the state. As for the claims the machines are switching people's votes - Gannon says they haven't been able to prove any of the claims are true.

So there are rumors, claims, complaints. So, how about a step by step process of what happens in the voting booth and the safeguards set up to make sure your vote is your vote?

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There are THREE ways to make sure your vote is registered correctly.

#1: When you select the candidate on the touch the screen your candidate's name will light up.

#2: Check the rolling paper. Make sure you look at the paper that is rolling and that your vote is reflected there.

#3: Confirming.You can review your selections before you confirm your vote.

This is key-- if anything is wrong, at any time, raise your hand immediately and tell an election worker what is happening.

If you have a problem and don't alert them while you're there--- you're not doing the process or the next voter any good.

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