It can feel like forever for your tax return to come, but waiting might be better than filing them with a company that promises to give you some of the money up front.

Jeremy Brilliant with the Attorney General's office in Indiana told CBS 4, businesses that offer you money up front are legitimate. However, sometimes the tax returns don't end up panning out. The person ends up paying fees an doesn't get money from their return.

"In one case, a person filed a complaint and said he was anticipating a large tax return and in fact paid $400 in fees and got nothing," Brilliant said.

The refund advances, or loans, are offered at many big tax providers. CBS 4 found big companies offering services online. One was at H&R Block and offered up to $1,250, but if you go to the bottom of the site, you'll see in the fine print: "additional fees, terms, and conditions apply."

The refund advances are legal and Brilliant said they don't fall into the category of a scam, so in most cases you won't get fees back.

"Look at (the fine print). Read it, because you might have to pay quite a bit in fees to get money that you deserve to receive in the first place," Brilliant said.