You can watch the Carolina Panthers take on the Jaguars on WFMY News 2 Thursday, August 24. Coverage starts at 7:30. However, after the Panthers game on WFMY News 2, there might be another game you want to watch.

You could get that game with a Digital TV antenna

Here's how it works:

The FCC has a section on its website where you can type in your zip code.

Once you do that, it'll create a list of all the stations you can get on your antenna.

It breaks them down by strength single, strong, moderate, weak and no signal. It's a good idea to occasionally do a channel scan on your TV to see if your antenna can pick up any more channels. says some of the best antennas right now are the Mohu Leaf and 1byone. They recommend the 30-mile range Mohu Leaf antenna, but we found one on Amazon that reaches 65 miles. The 1byone indoor HDTV amplified antenna gets a signal from up to 50 miles away.