GREENSBORO, NC -- Fingerlings for Christmas?!?!! if you can score this toy you might win parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle of the year!

But don't let the need for that gift blind you on the most recent scam. The BBB of Northwest North Carolina told us its scam tracker received 20 reports of fingerling scams in the last two months.

Many scammers know that this toy is sold out in most stores. So, they hope you look online, and when you do, they promise things like fast shipping to hook you in.

Once you’re hooked, they either don't send the toy and you have no way to contact them or they send you a fake toy and won't give you a refund. So what should you do? The BBB says be skeptical of low prices.
The toy costs between 15 and 17 dollars. If you see it for anything below 14 dollars, that's a red flag.

The BBB sent us this ebay link. This toy is just over $9, but if you look at the headline it's a finger baby monkey, not a fingerling. There is a difference.

And remember, only buy from reputable retailers like Target and Walmart..brand name stores you know.