This is the set up, the newspaper covering the counter, the pumpkin fearing for it's life and me with a kitchen knife. This is not going to end well for either of us.

In an effort to keep you safe and the pumpkin looking like you actually want it too, I give you this 2 Test. put four methods of pumping carving to the test three different kits. From the plastic cheapies of 5-bucks to kits in the $10 and $15 range.

As well as the ol' kitchen utensils, of all the choices, the one most of the carvers didn't like?

"I can tell you the worst is using this paring knife. I forgot i was using an actual knife and i cut myself."

The testers didn't like the top rated kit on amazon much either. So which one was the best in their test?

The cheapest set! It was the 5-dollar kit from pumpkin masters.

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